Oberon is a periodical on art in the world.

It preferences a slower, less frenzied conversation around art and culture; making a space for writers, artists, and readers to think. Each edition sees guest-edited sections of texts bridged by poetic sequences of images, which in-turn are supported by a comprehensive annotated index. 

Oberon is designed to be held but you can view excerpts from Oberon 1 and Oberon 2 online. 

In 2017 we launched Peryton, a wine bar and exhibition space in central Copenhagen. As an extension of the Oberon, Peryton is a place to experiment with the editorial processes of the magazine in a physical setting as well as to locate the content of the magazine – it’s themes, questions and artists – within a community.


Oberon is published by the makers of Das Superpaper and Rococo Productions, a freelance production house. 


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Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane
Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney
Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne
Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, Perth

Peryton, Copenhagen

do you read me?!, Berlin

You can always grab a copy of Oberon fresh off the presses at one of our launches. We've held launches in Brisbane, New York, Stockholm and Sydney – you can follow us to find out when and where the next issue is being launched. 


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